Thursday, August 27, 2020

A change in government is coming ironically through power

The sky is falling, no,  just a tree limb fell on to wires

    The past couple weeks in Connecticut for the weather have seen an extreme turnaround of events we start the month of August with a tropical storm on the fourth which knocked out power to almost 1 million customers across the state which led to massive power restoration efforts that took up to almost 8 to 9 days to complete completely, although there is still an argument that there is still some ongoing work to sure up from the temporary patches that were made at the time. This is been the subject of the bay has been going on today to get as PURA the public utility regulatory authority in the state of Connecticut opened up hearings today against ever source about their current rate hike prior to the storm hitting Connecticut. The reason why I'm commenting about this particular incident is that is made politics become extremely local in Connecticut. Is cause something to occur that has not occurred in about four years in this country. A agreement with the Republicans and Democrats in their agreement that Eversource needs reform or to be broken up, or more regulations implemented. You had a few state representatives both Republicans and Democrats, calling for possibly the breakup of the company, a takeover by the state government, or regulations that would effectively make them a nonprofit company.
In the few hours I was listening to the meeting today, there was a strong indication that reform needs to occur. In the next few days I plan on going through some of the testimony that has been submitted posting some points that are made in the testimony as highlights that should be noted from the average citizen in the state. It is good to hear the information from politicians and state leaders but I would like to focus on two individuals and their stories and how it affects them. The sky is not falling, but rather enlightenment or awakening is occurring in civic participation in the United States of America. At the national level we see this awakening being portrayed in some other states especially out in the state of Oregon and Washington. Here in Connecticut on a more local scale we see protests occurring at the post office, and on street corners. However, the more interesting aspect of this political awakening is the amount of people that are now involved in learning about their governmental systems and how they have the power to change things. I believe in Connecticut the land study habits is about to go through a revolutionary change in the state politics especially at the municipal level. The reason for this belief is that the electric crisis that was crated by the tropical storm in combination with the rate hike led people to start examining how things are done in this state and by the government. When you have over 1000 people wanting to attend and give common on a state agency repertory board which most people did not know exists up until a few weeks ago there is a change that is occurring. 

    Therefore, both parties Democrats and Republicans will see great influence on them in the next coming months. I believe that there will be a movement afoot to make the state government and town governments in the state of Connecticut more responsive to the people that are not necessarily the corporations. I believe the catalyst for the shift will actually be ironically the educational process that will occur through learning about their electric bill and the fees that are associated. When people see and compare it to municipal power that was much better run and is cheaper for a few people in this state that have chosen to live in towns with municipal power there will be change that occurs in people understanding that government can be a force for good and mutual beneficial engine of economic growth when a costs of the essential service can be offered at a much lesser rate compared to a private enterprise offering the same surface especially in a monopoly typesetting. A new era of progressive politics is upon us, the same style that led to establishment of the antitrust acts, the new deal legislation, the establishment of prohibition and the repeal of Prohibition. People are sitting at home having time to think about learn about their government and will be an active participant in their government.

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