Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Biking around Connecticut

What I've been seeing out there.

As you may or may not know I've been biking around, Connecticut for a bit over three weeks since I got my new bike. In that time I've seen a very amount of changes in the scenery and the attitude within society.

When I first started biking I got my bike is that it was George Floyd had not occurred yet. The coronavirus was about 90 days old still in terms of the impact on the region in Connecticut, and some things were beginning to reopen. Now with that said you can see people on the trail still had some degree of caution about staying socially distance and making sure they are being protected of their health and the health of the people around them. It was also much cooler at that point to in time. However, the future would not remain in a steady-state for the foreseeable future.

As the government allowed more more the economy to open up people began to be less and less cautious about the virus, and its ability to spread. However this would not be the only change that would be occurring at the same time. We would have, a spark that would trigger the tender of the the pile of wood which is been known as systemic racism has been built up over centuries, but more critically mass in the last couple years be thrown into this time period. This would because by the death of George Floyd, leading to massive protests not only here in Connecticut but around the globe initially starting in Minnesota where the incident occurred.

Furthermore, I noticed that about two weeks later, as I was writing on the trail through Hamden Connecticut, especially after the protest the following day there was signs and rocks that were painted red with words of encouragement and support for the movement, of police reform.

Although I am not the type to, go to the protests, post signs, and or get involved with on the ground action, that involves large crowds due to my issues which are personal in nature which caused me to have some adverse reactions. I prefer to operate, by talking about the policy details that need to change in order to bring about permanent change in order to alleviate crisis is being created in the future because of X underlying issue. 

I believe there is currently a large enough mass of the populace to encourage large systemic change to the system that we currently live in. I believe people will not tolerate the status quo returning back to the United States. I feel there for the policymakers need to act and lawmakers to correct the injustice for all suppressed minority groups. We cannot address just one minority group we must address all of the minority groups at once and equally. I fear that one group will be left behind as they were in 1964 the disabled, because they were not addressed until 1973 with the rehabilitation act, and not again until 1990 with the ADA.

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