Thursday, February 7, 2019

I am back! What just happen?

Sorry for being gone for so long!

I had a lot going for last few months, in my personal life and had less time to bring my thought about the world, because weather and holidays. 

What just happen with USA?

The shutdown and weather, and Flight controller!

Stop the press, and keep them stop 35 days, you got to be kidding me. I just shook my head everyday the Federal Government shutdown was in effect for because the sheer (lack of word or words to express my disgust). I made comments about what could go wrong, with shutdown occurring in middle winter when some coldest effect the USA. During shut down the National Weather Service (NWS), which collect, process the data, provide access to data collect and provide forecast to the public; the NWS also produces data sets for nations and global forecast as to get information form other part of world for their models.

Now, why does matter, NWS is a part of the federal government, and the information produce by the NWS can effect how people live, work, and respond to emergency situation. Now, also weather can be sole factor were plane fly and lands. The people help in those situation is are flight controller.

What could go wrong?

Well people could be kill or die. Also at this point in time well when the government shutdown went pass 21 days, I was like as soon as flights are grounded, from flight controller not showing up, which did happen on day 35 of the shutdown, by that evening government was reopen for 15 days..... again what could go wrong?

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