Thursday, November 22, 2018


The American Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is day set aside each year here in United States of America, a day of rest and giving thanks for past year with all events have occurred. Therefore as I sit here writing this post, I am thinking about how the event have been good me this year.  Some of events and things I give thanks to are:

  • Life, because I would not be here;
  • Family because they help me through the tough time;
  • The people I work with on campaign, especially, The Jahana Hayes for Congress;
  • The friends that reach out to me from time to time even though they have very busy life;
  • Kindness of strangers that help me in my most difficult hours.

Right now, I am sitting public place as type this post and I see line people, and people in travels to go see there families or meeting friend, just sharing some food and drink. These events in everyday life sometime over look and missed. Today, I challenge you before sit down to dinner, regardless if family, friends, or no one but you, to stop and think what I have miss in small moments, daily life. Then reach out someone tomorrow you do not know, and do act kindness, and everyday going forward.

Happy Thanksgiving


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