Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sunday Another Heavy Travel Day

Time for Most to Return Where, They Came From

Today is Sunday after Thanksgiving here in the United States, and another heavy travel day. As I sat in church this morning; I notice many old and new face as people getting, sitting in pews. Also before entering the Church this morning as pull in to the parking lot I notice car stop in the front entrance. I was a person praying inside the car. I was reminded of how people still have concerns, and still, have faith in God. 

Also, today is weekend that Catholic Church ends the church's year.  Therefore next Sunday starts the Season of Advent. This period of time is a quiet time for reflection. I personally love the quiet and stillness that brought into the season, during outside hustle and bustle of the tradition of the season, such as shopping, meals, and stress of money issues. 

Now, in Respect to Travel

Today is day is be calm on roads as many people are not familiar with roads in as these motorists not from the area.  I know that be hard for some locals to handle, but also when you travel you have the same issues. However looks like the weather might good for morning here in Connecticut in the western part of the state at the time of writing this post. 


Have a great day!
Here are some train picture from my travels last summer. 

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