Sunday, November 18, 2018

Now The Election is Over. Now, What?

What I am do now?

Were have I been?

Posting here on the blog took bit of break, because I got in throws of a political campaign, which the candidate won the contest. The name of the candidate is Mrs. Jahana Hayes, which I was proud to work under and contribute, in very meaningful way. I will not go any detail here about what I did, because I made good rule thumb to not committed the information to write. The logic for that people can take out context the written word, use in manner that unbecoming of them, and other parties that mention in information. The best way of putting my describing my contribution, was to be working with computers and other task with voters. 

What best thing that had happen?

While winning is nice touch, but not everything in life. It the parts you fail at are the best things in life because failing provides insight into issued you might not consider otherwise if you had got what you want the first time.

I had my fair share of issues and failure, however sometimes those issues have cause much distress at times. Overtime one of the lesson I have learn is just to listen as hard the task can be, for someone with condition.

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