Saturday, November 24, 2018

Christmas Season is Upon Us

What is The Christmas Season?

This time of year might be hard from some people around us, while for other people the season most wonderful time of the year. Here in America, Christmas has come commercial holiday, in part with a religious holiday.  Christmas is always been somewhat of a commercialized holiday, in the sense of it was born partially out of co-opting of the Pagan winter holidays, during the early days of the church. As society grew it tended to move in the direction of giving of gifts in order to show charity to one another. The Christmas music from the season is about more of an idea of the values not commercialism from years past.

Where to Find the Values in This Christmas Season?

The easiest place to find the Christmas season is within yourself. The reason for this logic is that people are the reason why we have holiday seasons. Holidays are to remind us about the good of people. In fact, the word holiday derives from the word holy days. The Christmas season begins with you and being able to bring goodwill and cheer. 

What Can You do to Bring Goodwill and Cheer to Other People?

The most valuable thing you can do is to offer goodwill and kindness of through a simple act to another person. The simple act of just helping somebody out such as just listening to their story is maybe the most helpful thing you can do that day. 

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