Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sunday Another Heavy Travel Day

Time for Most to Return Where, They Came From

Today is Sunday after Thanksgiving here in the United States, and another heavy travel day. As I sat in church this morning; I notice many old and new face as people getting, sitting in pews. Also before entering the Church this morning as pull in to the parking lot I notice car stop in the front entrance. I was a person praying inside the car. I was reminded of how people still have concerns, and still, have faith in God. 

Also, today is weekend that Catholic Church ends the church's year.  Therefore next Sunday starts the Season of Advent. This period of time is a quiet time for reflection. I personally love the quiet and stillness that brought into the season, during outside hustle and bustle of the tradition of the season, such as shopping, meals, and stress of money issues. 

Now, in Respect to Travel

Today is day is be calm on roads as many people are not familiar with roads in as these motorists not from the area.  I know that be hard for some locals to handle, but also when you travel you have the same issues. However looks like the weather might good for morning here in Connecticut in the western part of the state at the time of writing this post. 


Have a great day!
Here are some train picture from my travels last summer. 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Christmas Season is Upon Us

What is The Christmas Season?

This time of year might be hard from some people around us, while for other people the season most wonderful time of the year. Here in America, Christmas has come commercial holiday, in part with a religious holiday.  Christmas is always been somewhat of a commercialized holiday, in the sense of it was born partially out of co-opting of the Pagan winter holidays, during the early days of the church. As society grew it tended to move in the direction of giving of gifts in order to show charity to one another. The Christmas music from the season is about more of an idea of the values not commercialism from years past.

Where to Find the Values in This Christmas Season?

The easiest place to find the Christmas season is within yourself. The reason for this logic is that people are the reason why we have holiday seasons. Holidays are to remind us about the good of people. In fact, the word holiday derives from the word holy days. The Christmas season begins with you and being able to bring goodwill and cheer. 

What Can You do to Bring Goodwill and Cheer to Other People?

The most valuable thing you can do is to offer goodwill and kindness of through a simple act to another person. The simple act of just helping somebody out such as just listening to their story is maybe the most helpful thing you can do that day. 

Thursday, November 22, 2018


The American Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is day set aside each year here in United States of America, a day of rest and giving thanks for past year with all events have occurred. Therefore as I sit here writing this post, I am thinking about how the event have been good me this year.  Some of events and things I give thanks to are:

  • Life, because I would not be here;
  • Family because they help me through the tough time;
  • The people I work with on campaign, especially, The Jahana Hayes for Congress;
  • The friends that reach out to me from time to time even though they have very busy life;
  • Kindness of strangers that help me in my most difficult hours.

Right now, I am sitting public place as type this post and I see line people, and people in travels to go see there families or meeting friend, just sharing some food and drink. These events in everyday life sometime over look and missed. Today, I challenge you before sit down to dinner, regardless if family, friends, or no one but you, to stop and think what I have miss in small moments, daily life. Then reach out someone tomorrow you do not know, and do act kindness, and everyday going forward.

Happy Thanksgiving


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Now The Election is Over. Now, What?

What I am do now?

Were have I been?

Posting here on the blog took bit of break, because I got in throws of a political campaign, which the candidate won the contest. The name of the candidate is Mrs. Jahana Hayes, which I was proud to work under and contribute, in very meaningful way. I will not go any detail here about what I did, because I made good rule thumb to not committed the information to write. The logic for that people can take out context the written word, use in manner that unbecoming of them, and other parties that mention in information. The best way of putting my describing my contribution, was to be working with computers and other task with voters. 

What best thing that had happen?

While winning is nice touch, but not everything in life. It the parts you fail at are the best things in life because failing provides insight into issued you might not consider otherwise if you had got what you want the first time.

I had my fair share of issues and failure, however sometimes those issues have cause much distress at times. Overtime one of the lesson I have learn is just to listen as hard the task can be, for someone with condition.