Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wednesday less than two week before election in 2018

Less than 2 week until polls open!

Hard to believe that election day in Connecticut is less two week away. Voting in Connecticut, requires you to vote in person, unless meet requirement in state constitution to vote by absentee ballot, which is 3 step process in Connecticut where you have fill out application which you sign statement were if you lie you, commit a crime. Then you get ballot and fill out. Then you have sign paper inside. Then make sure it get to town clerk of town before 8 P.M. on election day. 

Connecticut makes so voting hard, but also easy. In smaller town, really no lines, but large cities lines have been problem. I personal find hard believe voting process in Connecticut, has such range from no problem to, lots of problems.

Then, turn people working and volunteer on Campaign or political groups, where people are passion about the cause they are working for in this cycle. I found this very hopeful as people begin raise their awareness about their role in government. Maybe this cycle will get people to stay aware and involved, with how government works for them, and just not for the governing class. 

My hope for Connecticut and These United States, is for the people play larger role in government for life.   

Sen. Chris Murphy in Cornwall, CT at rally held on October 21, 2018 

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