Thursday, October 25, 2018

Now, weather, plays for games for weekend, but you can still do something.

Now, say what again, you did not say snow! Really?

Tonight here in Southbury, Connecticut the National Weather Service, is calling for low temperature of 29 F. Yes, below freezing, and Northeaster in forecast for starting very early Saturday morning and pretty much make Sunday the only nice day of the weekend. The next thing consider it will be mostly likely to warm in along Interstate 84 in western Connecticut, be to warm for snow, however not as move north from the Interstate 84. 

So what I am do on the Saturday?

 I myself is plan to helping out on political campaign and get other people to help people get out to vote next week as election day draws near. As I mention in prior post about funny thing about Connecticut is that how the state constitution, make very hard to do early voting in this state for more information you can see the post here. So, you might ask yourself where should go, who do I call, where do I get more information? The answer will come via the good search engine on the internet, such as,, and to name a few. I myself most likely doing some work from home and going to campaign offices.

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