Sunday, October 21, 2018

Life on campaign trail

Campaign with Democrats, in Connecticut.

The 5th Congressional District, With Jahana Hayes.

The last few months I been volunteer, the Jahana Hayes as run for a seat in House Representatives, since July right around 4th. It about about week later Mrs. Hayes, came into campaign office and start say it your birthday to me. I was found myself a bit confuse and wonder who this person is that know its my Birthday, and prancing around the office. In my typical dumb, I said, "Forgive me what your name?" and she start point one rally sign on the on column in office, with her name on it. I was so embarrassed about whole event. 

Over the next month and few weeks, we go on to work. The primary as underdogs, as not endorse candidate from the cause which held in May. From the point I join the campaign, I was love the feel the office a scrappy team, working long days, after got done with day job. This first time after left being campaign for other back North Haven CT, I enjoy the work. There sense of real belonging and vested interest.

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