Friday, October 26, 2018

Joe Biden Speaks Rally For Democrats In Connecticut

The Rally in Hartford Connecticut on October 26, 2018

Overall Reaction to the Rally

My first impression of rally tonight was getting people in state in left and center in Connecticut is to pay attention that election is coming to you soon on November 6, 2018. The speeches were positive and not depressing or promoting bad behavior. I would be more about telling the American story rather, fear of the unknown. The United States have been through rough times before and came thru better for the hard times. 

Theme rally seem to be FDR, renew

The comment and overall about how the government needs to work all the people, and help the people become better overall. I occured with thought process because rise tide lift all ships. The same is about the laws of the law. If the laws are structure to benefit the whole, then everyone in society does better. 

Then the talk about social safety next came up not only Fmr. VP Biden. The theme brought up by all candidate that spoke that I saw, on the live stream of the event. I was struck how much the Fmr. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, ideas form the late 1920's and early 1930's after the stock market crash. Also, about how those ideas and project fend off forces that could end the Great American Experiment. 

Then as listing along, to Fmr. Vice President brought up the and said in President FDR. The very first thought that jump into mind was we going back what the party was all about at core up until President Reagan. In call back to tone down the harshness of the words. I was again thrill with joy that FDR vision for America and the role of Federal Government in people lives. 

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