Thursday, October 25, 2018

12 Days To Election Day In Connecticut

Thought on yesterday October 24

Morning of October 25, and sun has not even come up. News reports of bombs being mail around the country, bring fear to process of election. I reject the notion we should live in fear, because FDR said, "we have to fear is fear itself."

Now, on getting back to work and voting

Now this morning is new day and getting back to work. As people of the United States need make sure everyone person can vote if they meet all requirement to vote, and bar to show proof someone cannot vote should, be the buren of the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

It need to be some the people should take pride in voting. Even you candidate you are supporting loses, at least you know you had say in process of your government. Then also is people and you to make sure that elected official are held to explain their reason for their votes they cast or decision they make on behalf of the people. A health check and balances is need to keep a government from abusing power of violence that we the people entrust the government and elected officials place a check on.

So voting in end is one things you must do if able to, ensure the government is working for and your fellow country men and women. 

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