Friday, October 26, 2018

Joe Biden Speaks Rally For Democrats In Connecticut

The Rally in Hartford Connecticut on October 26, 2018

Overall Reaction to the Rally

My first impression of rally tonight was getting people in state in left and center in Connecticut is to pay attention that election is coming to you soon on November 6, 2018. The speeches were positive and not depressing or promoting bad behavior. I would be more about telling the American story rather, fear of the unknown. The United States have been through rough times before and came thru better for the hard times. 

Theme rally seem to be FDR, renew

The comment and overall about how the government needs to work all the people, and help the people become better overall. I occured with thought process because rise tide lift all ships. The same is about the laws of the law. If the laws are structure to benefit the whole, then everyone in society does better. 

Then the talk about social safety next came up not only Fmr. VP Biden. The theme brought up by all candidate that spoke that I saw, on the live stream of the event. I was struck how much the Fmr. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, ideas form the late 1920's and early 1930's after the stock market crash. Also, about how those ideas and project fend off forces that could end the Great American Experiment. 

Then as listing along, to Fmr. Vice President brought up the and said in President FDR. The very first thought that jump into mind was we going back what the party was all about at core up until President Reagan. In call back to tone down the harshness of the words. I was again thrill with joy that FDR vision for America and the role of Federal Government in people lives. 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Now, weather, plays for games for weekend, but you can still do something.

Now, say what again, you did not say snow! Really?

Tonight here in Southbury, Connecticut the National Weather Service, is calling for low temperature of 29 F. Yes, below freezing, and Northeaster in forecast for starting very early Saturday morning and pretty much make Sunday the only nice day of the weekend. The next thing consider it will be mostly likely to warm in along Interstate 84 in western Connecticut, be to warm for snow, however not as move north from the Interstate 84. 

So what I am do on the Saturday?

 I myself is plan to helping out on political campaign and get other people to help people get out to vote next week as election day draws near. As I mention in prior post about funny thing about Connecticut is that how the state constitution, make very hard to do early voting in this state for more information you can see the post here. So, you might ask yourself where should go, who do I call, where do I get more information? The answer will come via the good search engine on the internet, such as,, and to name a few. I myself most likely doing some work from home and going to campaign offices.

12 Days To Election Day In Connecticut

Thought on yesterday October 24

Morning of October 25, and sun has not even come up. News reports of bombs being mail around the country, bring fear to process of election. I reject the notion we should live in fear, because FDR said, "we have to fear is fear itself."

Now, on getting back to work and voting

Now this morning is new day and getting back to work. As people of the United States need make sure everyone person can vote if they meet all requirement to vote, and bar to show proof someone cannot vote should, be the buren of the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

It need to be some the people should take pride in voting. Even you candidate you are supporting loses, at least you know you had say in process of your government. Then also is people and you to make sure that elected official are held to explain their reason for their votes they cast or decision they make on behalf of the people. A health check and balances is need to keep a government from abusing power of violence that we the people entrust the government and elected officials place a check on.

So voting in end is one things you must do if able to, ensure the government is working for and your fellow country men and women. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wednesday less than two week before election in 2018

Less than 2 week until polls open!

Hard to believe that election day in Connecticut is less two week away. Voting in Connecticut, requires you to vote in person, unless meet requirement in state constitution to vote by absentee ballot, which is 3 step process in Connecticut where you have fill out application which you sign statement were if you lie you, commit a crime. Then you get ballot and fill out. Then you have sign paper inside. Then make sure it get to town clerk of town before 8 P.M. on election day. 

Connecticut makes so voting hard, but also easy. In smaller town, really no lines, but large cities lines have been problem. I personal find hard believe voting process in Connecticut, has such range from no problem to, lots of problems.

Then, turn people working and volunteer on Campaign or political groups, where people are passion about the cause they are working for in this cycle. I found this very hopeful as people begin raise their awareness about their role in government. Maybe this cycle will get people to stay aware and involved, with how government works for them, and just not for the governing class. 

My hope for Connecticut and These United States, is for the people play larger role in government for life.   

Sen. Chris Murphy in Cornwall, CT at rally held on October 21, 2018 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Life on campaign trail

Campaign with Democrats, in Connecticut.

The 5th Congressional District, With Jahana Hayes.

The last few months I been volunteer, the Jahana Hayes as run for a seat in House Representatives, since July right around 4th. It about about week later Mrs. Hayes, came into campaign office and start say it your birthday to me. I was found myself a bit confuse and wonder who this person is that know its my Birthday, and prancing around the office. In my typical dumb, I said, "Forgive me what your name?" and she start point one rally sign on the on column in office, with her name on it. I was so embarrassed about whole event. 

Over the next month and few weeks, we go on to work. The primary as underdogs, as not endorse candidate from the cause which held in May. From the point I join the campaign, I was love the feel the office a scrappy team, working long days, after got done with day job. This first time after left being campaign for other back North Haven CT, I enjoy the work. There sense of real belonging and vested interest.