Thursday, April 12, 2018

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Today we have seen a variety of different events occurring. In my life today I had the pleasure of being a summons and serving out my civic duty of being a candidate for a juror on a jury here in Connecticut and civil court. Unfortunately, I was not selected to serve on the jury, because of my status in the community where I knew too many of the people involved in the case of my prior experiences within politics. I would although it was a great honor to go and serve and to meet new people from the area. I was able to help, one person be able to advance their education and their life by offering suggestions, and being polite about it. Sometimes, even not being selected for a jury, you have an impact on people which goes beyond serving the parties at trial.

 I was struck by the amount of wanting not to serve, versus the people that wanted to serve in their status within society. I was concerned about how little, jurors were being offered in payment to give up their ability to perform their work at their normal jobs, which inherently disenfranchises the judicial system and the individual right to a trial with a jury of your peers. I believe the state needs to reassess the payment of jurors in Connecticut to conform with minimum-wage laws at the very least, instead of a flat rate.

Going forward I am trying to, posts items here on this blog about my observations throughout the day. As I finally figured out how I want to create and use the space.

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