Thursday, April 12, 2018

An Introduction To Bernard Kokinchak Blog

Who is Bernard Kokinchak?

The Rationale For This Website

The reason for establishing this website about myself Bernard Kokinchak is quite simple in that I wish to be able to express myself to the world. This website has been an idea of mine for about the past six months and trying to develop content on issues that I wish to present to the world.

Growing Up In Connecticut

I grew up in Connecticut in the western part of the state and I have been here all my life. I have traveled through the eastern seaboard all the way from Maine to Florida. Connecticut is located in between the metropolitan areas of Boston in Massachusetts and New York City in New York. I was able to take advantage of living near these metropolis areas to enrich myself and better understand the world around me.

I am from a town which, considers it a small town in Connecticut. I would argue that the town has grown significantly from my birth which I've resided in for all of my life. There used to be a time where there were only three or four restaurants in town, with their shopping malls now use the open farm fields on Main St., South. I remember quite clearly going to the pumpkin patch where is now a develop strip mall on the street.

My education started with the local public school system, where he graduated from high school in 2006. I went on to further my studies at the local university at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury Connecticut. I remember in 2006 in the fall the tuition was a just a touch over $2000 for the semester. When I graduated with my bachelors in meteorology in 2011, the tuition had just rose by nearly 50% to about $4000 per semester. However, the meteorology job market had disappeared because of ad revenue cuts in local television markets thus flooding the job market with lots of experience meteorologists.

A decision was made in December 2016 that I would go to start my graduate degree at the same university. I had done policy debate at the University in the Roger Sherman Debate Society, where I met it interesting Professor Doctor Wilcox. He was the one that encourages me as I was debating what to do to switch from considering my studies in meteorology to pursuing a Masters degree in History at Western Connecticut State University. So in January 2011, I began taking my first classes for my Masters in History.

During this time of studying I extended my knowledge of the world around me just not in terms of numbers but in the way, humans interact it with those numbers not only in terms of a cultural response but individually. Perhaps, the most compelling piece that I worked on was my Master's thesis on weather modification.

Weather modification, was not necessarily a topic for a Masters in History with a thesis that was initially first accepted. The idea was fairly foreign, to the department in some respects. I would argue that it would be a necessary study, because of freshwater is becoming a highly valuable resource within the global society today. In particular I focused on weather modification as a tool of warfare during the Vietnam War and its civilian uses prior to the war starting just after the and of world war two. Where the United States government use cloud seeding over Japan in order to mitigate a fresh water drought crisis.

Goals for the future

I would say the goals for this future of myself is to contribute to society a meaningful advancement to the overall human condition. The way the human condition is the fine for me is that there are certain rights, that all humans should have the ability to have access to. Some of these rights are encapsulated within different various legal documents in the United States and abroad. I would tend to occur with the first in major one is the freedom of speech with the responsibility of what you say tied to that right. I would also, include healthcare, and free of suffering. The rationale behind this right is that if one does not suffer and his healthy the one is not likely to develop a sense of being discriminated against. In the last right, I believe in is the freedom from fear, because it is fear which causes people to act irrationally if it is not a medical condition.

These seem like lofty goals, however, I believe they are worth striving for as a society and as a population. I believe this would lead to a more civil society and an improvement over overall human condition. The way I plan to contribute to this advancement is providing education, in the fields which I have expertise in which is both the humanities and in science.

Information You Will Find Here

The information you will find here will be opinions about my thoughts on ongoing events, in regards to the human condition and their effects on civil society. If you have ideas for which I should cover research, please feel free to contact me.

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